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Bohol beaches

Most foreigners who visit the Philippines regularly know that Bohol is among the top three attractions in the country. This is mainly because of the wide array of extraordinary attractions in the area.

Most of the other hot tourist places in the Philippines boast a few white sand beaches. Some have spectacular natural scenery. Others have abundant wildlife. Bohol has them all. Enjoy structured encounters with wild dolphins, amazing views of the Chocolate Hills, and plenty of amazing beaches in the vicinity.

How to Get to Bohol

We suggest that you come to Bohol by plane. Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and AirAsia Zest operate several daily runs from Manila to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. Flight time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The second best option is to get to Bohol by boat. A number of ships sail from Manila to Tagbilaran City Pier. Also inbound are vessels from other parts of the Visayas such as Dumaguete and Cebu. If coming from Mindanao, you can hop on a boat to Bohol in Cagayan de Oro or Dipolog.

Places to Visit in Bohol

There are simply too many things to see and do in Bohol. Here is a very fast summary of the highlights:

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol (picture credit)

  • Chocolate Hills: in the heart of the Bohol island are 1,268 karst hills across a 20-square mile area, covering the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan. The hills are both symmetrical and conical and reach around 400 feet tall. The hills are grass-covered, but in the dry summer turn brown, earning its name.
  • Pungtud (Virgin) Island: Pungtud Island is in the middle of a shallow area between Balicasag and Panglao Islands, and has an unforgettable C-shaped beachfront sandbar.
  • Panglao Island beaches a small chilled island with a number of gorgeous white sand beaches.
  • Pamilacan Island: a small island that has become a favorite among divers and snorkelers. It is famous for dolphin-watching, whale-watching and spectacular coral reefs.
  • Danao Adventure Park: a wide swath of extreme activities including water slides, river trekking, kayaking, root climbing and rappelling.

Bohol Tours

Alona Beach Bohol

Alona Beach in Bohol (picture credit)

By far our two most popular Bohol tours are the Island-Hopping Tour and the Countryside Tour. The former includes dolphin-watching and snorkeling in Balicasag and Virgin Islands; the latter stops at Chocolate Hills, Sandugo Site, Baclayon Church, Loboc River Cruise and the Manmade Forest.

Getting Around Bohol

Bohol Jeepney

A typical Bohol jeepney (picture credit)

This might get a bit complicated for foreigners looking for a hassle-free stay. For short distances, street tricycles are a good choice – cheap and abundant. These awesome little trikes can take you to any point in the city, and can even take you to neighboring towns like Panglao, Dauis, and Baclayon.

To go any further, most common are buses or jeepneys. Both are quite safe, although because of road conditions, they keep very inconsistent schedules.

For optimal efficiency, hiring a private car and driver in Bohol is the way to go. Alternatively, if you know how to drive a motorcycle, we can help you to rent one cheaply.

For island-hopping, boat rental costs depend on the season, the boat size, and which islands you want to visit. The most popular route is Virgin Island plus Balicasag Island, which is usually around 1500-2500 pesos per person.

We can also help arrange pre-arranged group tours. This cuts costs significantly.